There are many things you can do at home and in your community.

  • Start by changing your lightbulbs to LEDs and your shower head to a high efficiency, 1.5 gallon-per-minute model.
  • Hire an energy auditor to learn what other improvements you can make to your home. (Or get a FREE energy audit if you host a Clean Energy House Party!)
  • Share the Powered by Sunshine video with your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Contact your local elected officials, and tell them that this is the future you want for Nevada! You can look up who represents you in the legislature here: and send them a message supporting 100% renewable energy by 2040!
  • Host a Clean Energy House Party! Learn more HERE.
  • Divest from fossil fuels: Shift all of your investments or retirement funds from fossil fuel stocks to renewable energy.


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